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[Jon] would like his house office lights to mimic the light-weight outside, at minimum from a colour perspective. To that finish, he has embarked on a design which displays both the outdoor mild and at his perform station, and accordingly drives a pair of LED lamps of different colours. A person lamp is rated at above 5000 K and supplies “cool” lighting, , and the other is rated at less than 3000 K for “warm” lighting.

Business options do exist, but they are proprietary and do this in just a one bulb and appear to be difficult to management in an orchestrated method in the course of the household. [Jon] ideas for his method to be scalable, inevitably consisting of a wide range of lighted parts of the dwelling from a single microcontroller.

One of the style and design aims for this job is to build a thing that could disappear into the home, instead than the science fair aesthetic of my prior task.

1 commenter on his project’s website asked why [Jon] is doing this, that is, what is the benefit of controlling the colour of your indoor lights? Though [Jon] does not have a precise goal in intellect at the instant, he notes that these methods could potentially be useful for enhancing productivity, running circadian rhythms, and as light remedy for seasonal melancholy.

We protected [Jon]’s science-good-like job that in this writeup from last calendar year. If the subject matter interests you, check out the white papers he hyperlinks on his challenge web page for further more studying.