Is raccoon turning Cupertino cat’s nap place into a bathroom?


DEARJOAN: I have proof of critter feces in my backyard. It is also huge to be from a rat or cat. Raccoons have been in my property in the past.

This is in an area (wherever) my older cat spends her time in the afternoons, but I acquire her inside of in the night. The feces surface in the mornings.

Is there something that would prevent raccoons, but not irritate my cat?

Jane Kamvar, Cupertino

Pricey JANE: Just one way to make guaranteed you do not disturb your cat is to locate her a silent and warm napping area inside the property. This is not just me preaching on the pitfalls to cats that are authorized to wander exterior. You have proof of an animal going to your garden at night time there is no warranty it would not also appear close to in the course of the day.

If it is a raccoon, there is a tiny hazard to your cat. If it is a greater animal, this kind of as a coyote, she’s in a ton of hazard.

Developing a latrine in the corner of the property does sound like raccoon conduct, even so. You can recognize their scat by the condition (cylindrical) with rounded or broken ends. You nearly always can see remnants of berries or seeds the animal has eaten.

Coyote scat is mainly tubular with tapered ends, and fox scat has twisted finishes. There could be tufts of fur from the prey those animals have eaten.

To stop a raccoon from applying your cat’s napping space as a latrine, tape collectively two pieces of plastic — a tarp or trash bags — so there is a small slip and slide motion, then distribute the plastic in the corner immediately after your cat has retired to the house for the night. Raccoons really don’t like the experience of the plastic and ordinarily discover other places.

You also could established a motion-activated sprinkler to appear on at night or put up a spot light that illuminates the corner.

Dear JOAN: I have a comment on the query about the cat harmful the home furniture in your Monday column. We historically employed carpet-included posts right until our most modern cat, who is now 7 several years old. She never ever favored those people posts and preferred furniture.

I brought home a slanted, sisal rope put up and it changed anything. She’s on her 3rd post, having ripped the other two to shreds. That fashion of article, plus supplying her a frequent manicure, has held us all delighted. She does enjoy the clean catnip I develop for her, so that also assisted to practice her.

The only time she subsequently touched our couch was when she had worn out her publish, but stopped when I bought her a new one.

Gayle Hudson, San Leandro

Pricey GAYLE: I like hearing about matters that have worked for many others. I should really have prompt some substitute scratching article products, as effectively as common manicures.