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Hive Lighting’s Quad Bracket enables you to place four Super Hornet 575-C PAR Place Omni-Colour LED Lights in an array. By carrying out this you stop up with a 13” x 13” footprint that can give a ton of output. The array attracts 16 AMPs on 120VAC of electrical power.

Heaps of lights providers have formerly designed brackets so that buyers can create greater arrays. Electronic Sputnik, ARRI, Rotolight, and Aputure all have alternatives out there.

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Hive Lighting claims that the array of four 575-C’s is 2 times as dazzling as an ARRI Skypanel 360, but ¼ of the dimension and a ⅓ of the body weight.

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The array is mentioned to be in a position to make 1000 FC @ 10 ft, all although weighing in at just 25lb / 11.34 kg (head excess weight only). What you clearly need to have to don’t forget is that you nevertheless require to use four different electric power source/command packing containers.

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Four HIVE Lights Tremendous Hornet 575-C PAR Location Omni-Shade LED Lights is going to set you again $25,596 USD. As a comparison, the ARRI Skypanel 360 that Hive Lighting is comparing it with retails for $29,190.00 USD.

You can group all 4 lights in Hive’s iOS/Android App or via DMX so that all of the fixtures reply identically with the single touch of a button.

The CX/C-Series QUAD BRACKET retails for $663.72 USD. It is also out there for rental now in New York and Los Angeles.