Harvesting, curing and storing onions from your backyard garden


Onions are a staple in our eating plan, and fairly quick to increase and retail store. As we in the vicinity of the conclusion of our expanding time I would like to talk about when to harvest and how to heal and shop onion bulbs.


Onions explain to us when they are ready to harvest—the neck weakens and the leaves tip in excess of. This implies the onion has stopped expanding. The necks can be compelled above, but this will not necessarily end the expansion, producing them hard to heal effectively. Distinct cultivars will mature at various situations. When harvesting big patches of onions, the rule of thumb is that when about 50 percent of the tops have tipped in a natural way the relaxation are near plenty of to maturity that they will heal effectively.

Harvest when the plants and temperature are dry. Really don’t irrigate for about a 7 days ahead of harvest.

When the tops have tipped it is greatest to use a garden fork to loosen the soil beneath the bulbs, then carefully elevate them—avoid pulling off the tops or bruising the bulbs. It is that simple.

Ron Patterson, EastIdahoNews.com

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The objective of curing onions is to cut down the prospect of spoilage and put together the onion for lengthy-time period storage. Dry, outer scales will make a seal all over the bulb.

Commercial growers harvest and leading the onions, then choose them to a managed atmosphere developing to rapidly dry and lessen the temperature. Property gardeners may possibly have to have to be a little much more resourceful.

Once the bulbs are lifted it is most effective to get them out of the sunlight and into a lose or garage, with excellent air circulation, so the outer scales can dry and the necks seal. Curing temperatures are finest in between 70 – 85⁰F. Relative humidity ought to be all-around 70%, typically not a challenge in eastern Idaho.

It may well just take 2 – 4 months to cure the onions. They are cured when the neck membranes really don’t slip. Rub the neck among you thumb and forefinger. You will be ready to inform if it slips or is dry. This lessens the likelihood of condition organisms coming into the bulb via the neck.

When there is no slip, slice off the dry leaves an inch or two above the organic bend of the neck. You will eliminate about 8% of the fat of the onion in the curing approach.

Ron Patterson, EastIdahoNews.com


Do not eliminate the onionskin membrane until you are completely ready to use the onion. The duration of storage relies upon a fantastic deal on the cultivar. Far more pungent onions are likely to retailer more time, up to 9 months. The Spanish yellow, and Walla Walla sweet onions will typically only retailer for about 4- 6 months. Onions really should be saved in a breathable container—mesh bag, nylon stockings, wicker basket. They will store most effective when temperatures are persistently amongst 32 – 35⁰F, and humidity is about 70%. Onions saved more than 40⁰F will crack dormancy sooner.

It is critical to deliver them down to this temperature little by little, in excess of a couple of weeks. Examine the bulbs before putting into storage and promptly use any that have been damaged or have loose necks, which makes it possible for illness organisms to enter the bulb. Of system, you can usually chop and dehydrate or freeze the onions as nicely.