Cat Locked Out of Bathroom Gets Revenge By Thieving Bath Mat


cat pulling rug from less than the doorway when he is not satisfied with owner for heading into the lavatory without the need of him

Courtesy of m_clayclay / TikTok

Our pets want to be with us at all times—and why wouldn’t they? We are wonderful! (And, sure, that features when we require to go to the rest room.) They are eager to be part of us in the home where by actually gross items take place. Speak about unconditional enjoy.

The hottest instance will come from a TikTok consumer named Maddie and her tuxedo cat, Theo. Her movie is a quick 10 seconds, but even the short glimpse of Theo’s leg and paw displays he nevertheless demands as much focus as he can get.

A shot of the base of the lavatory door reveals Maddie’s foot drag the tub mat toward her. Then a furry black leg with a white foot emerges, snagging the mat and dragging it virtually absolutely out of the toilet underneath the door. Sneaky and petty? Like it.

Some 2.8 million folks have viewed Theo precise his revenge for not receiving invited into the bathroom, showing, once again, that cats can generally melt and wriggle on their own under just about just about anything.

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Her next online video could be even funnier. Even now in the toilet, Maddie slides her upturned cellular phone less than the door while it is recording online video. Down stares blue-eyed Theo, still thinking why the heck he has not been invited into the toilet.

Have a cat who likes subsequent you into the bathroom? Maybe devote in some distraction: interactive toys that can deliver equally bodily and mental workout. Or you can resign oneself to a long time of stolen tub mats that at minimum make for some funny films.