Cafe requested shut, tells clients they have been shut for ‘renovations and AC repair’


MIRAMAR, Fla. – A faithful Filthy Dining viewer claims Talkin’ Tacos was “talkin’ BS” on a modern social media write-up.

The viewer sent us a post in which Talkin’ Tacos promises they had been was shut for “quick renovations and AC maintenance.”

The truth appears to be they were requested shut by a condition inspector because of to a fly concern.

That inspection previous 7 days was primarily based on a shopper grievance.

Lombardi’s Italian at Bayside Marketplace was also ordered shut previous 7 days after an inspector found roach and fly concerns.

The inspector was also there centered on a criticism.

According to the inspection, uncooked salmon, sliced cheese, mozzarella cheese, raw chicken, beef patties, raw beef, cooked pasta and shell eggs had been all out of temperature.

A “stop sale” was requested on tortilla chips at La Renya Mexican in Cooper City.

In accordance to the inspection, live flies were landing on tortillas and in a glass case with chips.

All the areas mentioned were allowed to re-open up following an purchased cleanup and re-inspection.



BAYSIDE Marketplace



INSPECTION Based mostly ON Complaint

Ordered SHUT 6/16/21

17 VIOLATIONS Discovered

“Roach exercise present as evidenced by stay roaches uncovered. Noticed close to 10+ are living roaches underneath the access in freezer in back again kitchen area, noticed somewhere around 5+ stay roaches entrance to stroll in cooler door positioned at back kitchen spot, noticed about 4+ live roaches in ware washing location, observed 2 stay roaches crawling on foods preparing table at back again kitchen area area.”

“Live, smaller flying insects in kitchen area, meals preparing location, foodstuff storage region and/or bar space. Noticed somewhere around 4+ flying insect at eating area front to servers station.”

“Floor drains/drain addresses seriously dirty.”

“Floor not cleaned when the minimum sum of food is exposed.”

“Food not stored at least 6 inches off of the flooring. Observed 2 cases of pineapple inside stroll in cooler with no 6 inches from the floor.”


“Accumulation of encrusted food items debris on/around mixer head.”

“Encrusted materials on can opener blade.”

” No at present licensed food items assistance supervisor on obligation with 4 or additional employees engaged in food preparing/managing.”

“Time/temperature management for safety meals chilly held at bigger than 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Observed temperature in access in cooler situated at sizzling line spot, diced tomatoes (65°F – Chilly Keeping) uncooked salmon (58°F – Cold Keeping) sliced cheese (60°F – Chilly Holding) mozzarella cheese (60°F – Chilly Keeping) uncooked hen (55°F – Chilly Holding) beef patties (52°F – Cold Keeping). As for every operator for less than 4 hrs., observed temperature inside of the stroll in cooler, raw beef (50°F – Chilly Holding) cooked pasta (52°F – Cold Holding) shell eggs (60°F – ambient temperature ) walk in cooler doorway was open in the course of the inspection. Operator closed the stroll in cooler door.”

***LA REYNA Reliable MEXICAN Delicacies




Purchased SHUT 6/15/21

10 VIOLATIONS Identified

“Food contaminated by traveling bugs . See end sale. Observed 3 reside flies landing on tortilla on cook dinner line Observed 5 flies landing on tortilla chips on cook line see cease sale Observed 4 reside fly in glass circumstance with tortilla chips.”

“Stop Sale issued thanks to food not getting in a wholesome, sound situation. Meals contaminated by flying insects . See cease sale. Observed 3 stay flies landing on tortilla on cook dinner line Noticed 5 flies landing on tortilla chips on prepare dinner line see prevent sale Observed 4 dwell fly in glass circumstance with tortilla chips.”

“Live, little traveling insects in kitchen area, meals preparation place, food stuff storage place and/or bar region. Noticed 4 live flies landing on clear and sanitized dishes and utensils on cook line Observed close to 10 stay flies in dishwashing place landing on wall and clear utensils. Possession 3 are living flies landing on tortilla on cook line Noticed 5 flies landing on tortilla chips on prepare dinner line see quit sale Observed 4 are living fly in glass scenario with tortilla chips. See prevent sale Ownership 5 reside flies traveling around landing on walls and chopping boards in kitchen area place 1 reside fly landing on one assistance containers stored on racks previously mentioned fridges in kitchen place. Observed 4 reside flies landing on tables in dining space.”


“Single-use gloves not changed as necessary just after switching jobs or when harmed or soiled. -Noticed staff contact uncooked sausage adhere to by touching flat bread without the need of altering gloves and washing palms.”


3456 Red Street


INSPECTION Dependent ON Grievance

Ordered SHUT 6/16/21

13 VIOLATIONS Uncovered

“Live, little traveling insects in kitchen area, food preparing spot, food stuff storage spot and/or bar area. -Observed 2 are living flying insects landing on takeout containers at prep station. Operator discard containers. -Noticed 4 live flying bugs landing on clean up in-use slicing board and food stuff preparation desk in kitchen. – Noticed 6 stay flying insect landing on makeshift table at entrance line. -Noticed 5 live flying bugs landing on thoroughly clean utensils in dishwashing spot. -Observed somewhere around 20 live flying bugs landing on eating desk at outside the house corridor.”


“Food-contact surfaces not sanitized after cleaning, prior to use. Do not use machines/utensils not appropriately sanitized. -Noticed reside traveling insects landing on thoroughly clean in-use prep table and chopping board . Advice operator to thoroughly clean and sanitized both floor.”

“Nonfood-quality containers made use of for meals storage – direct contact with food. -Noticed quite a few Property Depot construction buckets utilised to saved beef broth in wander in cooler.”

“Time/temperature handle for protection food stuff cold held at larger than 41 levels Fahrenheit. -Observed raw steak and hen chilly held at 46-47 levels Fahrenheit in 3 doorway flip top cooler at 11:50 a.m. For each operator, both equally items were put in device at 10:55 a.m. Operator position equally goods on ice bath for brief chill.”

“Time/temperature command for protection foods hot held at less than 135 degrees Fahrenheit or earlier mentioned. -Noticed steak sizzling held at 123 degrees Fahrenheit in steam table. Per operator, product were place in device 30 minutes prior to the inspection. Operator reheat steak to 181 levels Fahrenheit.”


“No soap delivered at hand wash sink. -Observed no soap at 2 hand clean sinks in kitchen area and dishwashing region.”

“Ready-to-take in, time/temperature management for safety food items prepared onsite and held more than 24 several hours not adequately date marked. -Noticed no date marked on cooked hen wings saved in achieve in cooler. For every operator, wings had been cooked on 06/15/ 202.”

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