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If you’re low on storage or counter space, these pretty products are saying “no problem.”

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A drawer organizer containing five compartments so your bathroom storage can look like less of an overflowing junk drawer and more like a mood board made for Instagram.


Promising review: “Perfect for a standard size bathroom drawer! All five containers fit and I’m able to separate out my hair products / brush / comb, hair ties, razor blades, and the misc. Items such as headbands for face washing. The frosted look is great and just what I desired. Almost wish I had more drawers to organize with these!” —Jen

Get it from Amazon for $13.99.


A cutesy cotton swab container in the shape of an adorable lil’ lotus. Now your cosmetic essentials can sit organized in a seasonally appropriate accessory instead of a boring ol’ box shoved inside your medicine cabinet.


Promising review: “This is cute, adorable, awesome, and useful! I use it daily, keep it out on the counter by my sink, and I enjoy it as much now as on the day I got it. It’s useful as well as aesthetic. It’s innovative and clever, and it makes an awesome gift. I gave one to a friend, and she likes it as much as I do. Remember this as the holidays arrive.” —Wise Mind

Get it from Amazon for $7.98+ (available in four colors).


Or! Some sleek, clear apothecary jars so you can inject your countertops with some sophistication without having to entirely redecorate.


Promising review: “These are fantastic bathroom containers. I ordered after seeing them at a friend’s house. They are a plastic that is sturdy. The lid fits tight enough to stay on, but isn’t difficult to open. I have them in both bathrooms. They fit any decor and hold cotton swabs perfectly.” —Erica Morris

Get a set of three from Amazon for $8.99.


A futuristic-looking toothbrush holder and dispenser, aka the bathroom counterspace savior seen on TikTok. Over 4,000 reviewers are going wild over this nifty thing that dispenses toothpaste and tidies up your dental hygiene essentials.


This game-changer includes a toothpaste dispenser (which means less product waste!), four cups and holders, and a place to store your toothbrushes!

Promising review: “I love this item! I saw it originally on TikTok and thought it would be perfect for our bathroom! We have one bathroom upstairs and five people who use it. This cleared up so much counter space for us! There are ventilation holes where the cups go to help make sure they dry properly. The toothpaste dispenser has really been working to get every last drop out of the tube. Would definitely recommend for a family or kids bathroom. There is also a little storage compartment behind the toothpaste that is great for extra brushes, Q-tips, or flossers.” —Sariyah J

Get it from Amazon for $16.99+ (available in three colors).


A basket caddy because a shower helper that looks this sophisticated (hello, frosted style), holds your most-used products, and prevents clutter from your tub and shower edges? The definition of a godsend, if you ask me.


Promising review: “We have a walk-in shower and had nowhere to store shower products except for the floor… that just wasn’t cutting it so we bought these storage baskets and are extremely satisfied with the purchase! It’s the perfect amount of storage and I love the holes at the bottom of the baskets for easy cleaning.” —CarStar0804

Get it from Amazon for $15.98 (available in two sizes and five colors).


A collection of cotton storage bins to arrange your bath and bed essentials in a neat and distinct way that won’t lead to an avalanche of linens toppling over you every time you open the closet. These flip open from the front as well to save you from rummaging to the bottom of the pile, *and* you can label them!

Towels by Gus

Towels by Gus is a small, family run business based out of Sonoma, California, specializing in bath towels and linens made from 100% USA grown cotton.

Promising review: “Finally my piles of linens and towels stay put! I use the flip down front to pull out the bottom towel without the whole pile tumbling over! ! Saves so much time on constantly refolding everything in my linen closet. Great design!” —Jill K.

Get them from Towels by Gus for $24.99+ (available in three sizes and two colors).


Or! A towel rack if you don’t have a linen closet (NYC residents, looking at you) this neat tool takes up minimal space and just requires a blank wall + some serious towel rolling skills.


Promising review: “Perfect for our bathroom! We recently moved and the new master bath doesn’t have a linen closet, so we had to get creative with how to store everyday items like towels. Since they were going to be out in the open, I wanted something that was functional yet decorative. This fit the bill perfectly! We have towels from IKEA, and even tightly rolled, the rack was a bit tight, so I just used my hands and gently pulled each hook out a bit and now the towels fit perfectly. I am very happy with this purchase!” —Faye_Bon_Fury

Get it from Amazon for $24.99 (available in nine colors).


A convenient over-the-door hair tool holder that offers a hidden organization solution so the next time someone uses the flat iron, they know exactly where it lives. (Because strewn across your bathroom countertop is not it.)


And some reviewers use this in the kitchen for their cooking utensils, too!

Promising review: “My styling tools have always just been thrown in a drawer and get so tangled! I purchased this to try to get them more organized, plus I was running out of room. This is great!! If fits right over my cabinet door so it barely takes up any room. Plus all my styling tools fit in there. It even has a bigger hole for a wider tool! It’s a great buy at a great price.” —Kaylen

Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (available in three colors).


A cheery double-sided box shelf to keep knickknacks contained atop your toilet lid — and put a smile on your face anytime you need to ~handle your business~.

amazon.com, amazon.com

Main Event USA is a family-run small business that creates homemade, rustic home goods.

Promising review: “Absolutely love this! There’s enough room to put a double toilet paper roll, a wide candle, small decoration, and Poopouri spray LOL. Perfect for adding character to your bathroom.” —Debra

Get it from Amazon for $21.95 (available in six styles).


An over-the-door basket system created with enough space to stash all your beauty products and bath items in. (This is especially great if you have a pedestal sink with zero cabinet space.)


Promising review: “This cabinet door organizer is the perfect use of “vertical space” in my small bathroom! I now have all my supplements and bathroom potions out of my tiny hall linen closet and conveniently located on the door for easy access! Great product!” —Amy

Get it from Wayfair for $40.99+ (originally $54.99; available in three colors).


A remarkably sturdy Command spray bottle mount that’s lauded by reviewers for a) organizing and saving tons of space in messy cabinets and b) holding the weight of your go-to cleaning goods in the form of a museum-worthy display without budging.


And like regular Command products, they won’t peel off paint once they’re removed!

Promising review: “Let’s face it, Command products ROCK! This was perfect for our truck camper, under the sink, to hold a small, refillable spray bottle of 409 to clean the kitchen. It has literally hung by this Command hanger for 3,000 miles now — bumpy roads, up and down hills, you name it. Everywhere we’ve gone, and neither the bottle nor the Command hanger have ever been found down. Still hanging in there like the day I stuck it. Works AWESOME!!!! It also keeps the bottle out of the way by tucking it up to one side under the sink. PERFECT!” —Jenn

Get it from Amazon for $5.48 (also available in a two-pack).


A farmhouse-inspired set of refillable dispensers to *poof* instantly streamline the look of mismatched shampoo bottles. And they’re made from amber plastic — which means even if you find yourself belting out some shower disco hits with a full dance routine, these babies won’t shatter if they take a tumble.

sweetwaterdecor / Etsy, Jasmin Sandal / BuzzFeed

Sweet Water Decor is a woman-owned brand that designs hand-lettered items and stunning Made-in-USA home decor.

I recently purchased these beauties for my shower and I can report that the look *and* feel of them tidies up my bathroom and makes it look fancy as all heck. The unsightly store bought bottles I previously had just weren’t doing anything for my new shower, and they felt like such an eyesore as you first walked into the bathroom. Now I get excited when people come over just so I can show off my new, trendy ~aesthetic~.

Promising review: “I LOVE these bottles!! They make my shower look organized and a bit luxurious!”—Customer

Get a set of three from sweetwaterdecor on Etsy for $42.


A slender storage cabinet that’ll fill the void (and be of use) between your sink and toilet, or the toilet and the wall. Think: cleaning supplies, extra TP, and functional yet fashionable decor like diffusers or candles can now brighten up that previous wasted space.


Promising review: “So easy to put together I could put it together with my eyes closed. fit amazingly perfectly between the tub and the toilet and it has created so much more space and my bathroom is no longer cluttered because of this product.” —COS45B

Get it from Amazon for $35.99 (available in two colors).


A set of clear stackable drawers to make it easy to search for meds, hair accessories, nail polishes… basically whatever you need to keep close by. Plus they’re sleek enough to be out on display and compact to fit inside of cupboards.


Promising review: “These drawers are just what I needed to organize loose items under my bathroom counter! They fit all of my nail polish perfectly. I wasn’t expecting them to look so nice, and had planned to put them under the sink. I was very surprised by the quality and have kept them on my counter for easier access. I’m very happy with these drawers and I’m going to buy a couple more to stack under my sink. Since they can be customized by stacking, they’re a great way to organize around those annoying pipes under the sink.” —Katie Steinberg

Get it from Amazon for $22.99.


A faux marble sinktop set so elegant your bathroom might be mistaken for one seen on Pinterest. This has everything you need to keep your toothbrush, hand soap, and lotion at arm’s reach — and looking cohesively chic.

Urban Outfitters

This set includes: a soap dispenser, bar soap dish, tray, and cup!

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $69.


A roomy rotating makeup organizer for the beauty expert who could use some help in tidying up their vanity and collection of products. With a quick swivel of this, there will be no need to treasure hunt for the serum that completes your five-step routine.

Amazon, amazon.com

The height of each tray is adjustable, so it can fit several different-sized items. It claims to hold at least 30 brushes and 20 other products!

Promising review: “I love this thing so much. I got the clear kind and it looks fancier than I thought it would. It was super easy to assemble (the instructions are on the box, easy to follow, and have pictures). I also think it’s great how customizable it is because I have bottles of all shapes and this design was able to utilize the vertical space in my bathroom cabinet!” —Akash B.

Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in three colors).


An over-the-loo storage cabinet that makes *great* use of the dead space behind your throne (just peep this one super tidy reviewer below). And because it fits *so* well, it might just look like it was built specifically for your abode.

amazon.com, amazon.com

Psst! This nifty reviewer on the left actually replaced the cabinet knobs with something a little fancier. If you wanna do the same, might we suggest something like these diamond-shaped beauties?

Promising review: “This is the most attractive spacesaver for the bathroom. It went together well and has a good amount of storage. I love the doors, and the fact that there is an open shelf also. It is sturdy and serves the purpose. It really helped the big blank wall too! I shopped these for quite a while, this was the best sized, best looking and sturdiest I found. Well worth the price.” —K. Norman

Get it from Amazon for $101.02 (available in sizes and colors)


A light and chic three-level basket shelf in case you were holding off on replenishing all your beauty products that expired during quarantine. Now you’ll have p-lenty of room to restock and store ’em.


Promising review: “The three tier shelving unit is very easy to put together, you basically push the baskets into their grooves and it holds together fairly strong. I have a very small bathroom with no vanity or shelving so it fit perfectly in the narrow space I had available and holds everything I need. If you have a small space and need organized storage, this works perfect!” —Zombiekitty13

Get it from Amazon for $44.99 (available in eight colors).


A set of two floating shelves to make use of vertical space if you don’t have enough cabinets to hold all your toiletries in. TL;DR: You can actually place these in any room that’s not really performing in the storage department.

Amazon / Via amazon.com

Promising review: “These shelves are so beautiful! My bathroom doesn’t have a counter around the sink so this is perfect. It is modern and sleek and the wood and cast iron shelves are very well built and sturdy. I was surprised that these are such high quality considering the price.” —Vincent

Get a set of two from Amazon for $21.99+ (available in five colors).


Towel holders shaped like gigantic clothes pegs that are *the* interior design item I didn’t realize I needed until now. A great idea for overrun linen closets… and if you’d rather not have a loud cacophonous over-the-door hook set to dry your towels on…


BarwoodShop is a small Etsy shop based in Adirondack, New York that specializes in custom wood decor.

Promising review: “Perfect! I just love these. We only have a small area to hang towels and this was just the solution we needed. Well made!” —Gretchen Santos

Get it from BarwoodShop on Etsy for $28.97 (available in eight colors).


A sneaky storage cabinet cleverly designed to mount onto your door and move in unison with it. One reviewer is calling it “freaking awesome!!!!” purely for its ability to offer ample storage for small spaces — betcha didn’t think that area in your bathroom could be utilized, did ya?

Amazon, amazon.com

Promising review: “This is a must-have for any small space. My bathroom has no medicine cabinet, just a mirror, and is pretty small, so storage is a huge deal. My girlfriend came across this item, so I figured I would give it a shot. I know it states it needs a two-person install, but I put this together and hung it in about an hour by myself with very minimal effort. This fits so much stuff, it really is amazing, and it does not impede any operation of the door. I can’t fully explain how much I recommend this. I’m about to order the mirror version for my bedroom for colognes and little knickknacks to declutter the countertops.” —happy shaver

Get it from Amazon for $158 (also available in a mirrored version).


A two-tier no-drill shower caddy that simply plugs into the corner and utilizes vertical space to store shower gels and scrubs instead of on barely-there shower edges.


Promising review: “I have a lot — and I mean a lot — of body washes. The thing that annoys me is that I have nowhere to set my shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles. I didn’t have any ledge in my shower so I decided to purchase a shower shelf. I must say, this shelf is everything to me. I like how easy it is to set up and how sturdy it is. I was very nervous setting anything on a shelf that is attached on suction cups but these suction cups are very powerful, even with the humidity of the shower. I have taken a shower every day since I installed this shelf on my wall and still holds up. I was able to put about five body washes, my shampoo, and conditioner bottles as well as my facial cleaners. It definitely holds up well. Because it’s made with a durable aluminum, you don’t have to worry about rust, which was something I worry when being around water. —Adam Lopez

Get it from Amazon for $21.95.


Or! A pint-sized shower caddy basket if you’d rather not have one hanging overhead. This’ll look sleek, compact, and has handy hooks for the items you need to keep dry post-rinse (like exfoliating gloves, loofahs, and razors).


Promising review: “Holy crap! This is way better than an over-the-shower head caddy or a corner shelf! Its adhesion is amazing, as you can tell we have it chuck-full and it’s not once moved or came undone!!!! Gives our shower more space and way easier to keep clean now!! I’d highly recommend it!!! Also, please note we don’t have tile, so I’m unsure how it would hold up on different surfaces but they give you two adhesive strips so it gives you an opportunity to try on different areas.” —Mary

Get it from Amazon for $28.99 (available in two colors).


OK, OR! A shower curtain liner complete with pockets for anyone who lives in a household in which everyone insists on keeping *at least* four hair products in their shower at all times. This’ll free up clutter from tiny corners of tub space and keep products at arm’s reach.

Elizabeth Lily / BuzzFeed

Promising review: “I love this shower curtain. It’s very functional. I don’t have enough storage space in my bathroom. This curtain is a lifesaver. I use all the pockets, and can keep heavy things in them too. Nothing has ever happened.” —svhare

Get it from Amazon for $18.67.

Read our full review of the Maytex Pockets Shower Liner (#2) here for more deets!


A handmade lipstick organizer for anyone whose collection could match that of a Sephora. This unique solution tackles bathroom vanity clutter and secures tubes of gloss and lipstick with a clever grip system that keeps everything in place — even when tipped upside-down!


MakeupInPlace is woman-owned Etsy shop based in Florida that creates fun and unique makeup organizers.

Promising review: “I love this lipstick holder!! It’s practical but also a fun decoration for the wall. It’s really well made. It is also packaged beautifully!! I really love it!” —Adriana W

Get it from MakeupInPlace on Etsy for $46.50 (available in 16 colors).


A chic marble tray with gold handles that, I can attest, is sturdy, won’t slip and slide around your countertops, and makes for the most beautiful way to tidy up your skincare routine must-haves.

Jasmin Sandal / BuzzFeed

Promising review: “Beautiful, heavy, and a great accent piece to holy my bathroom supplies.” —Meredith White

Get it from Amazon for $34.99.


A hexagonal toilet paper holder so fetching it looks like a piece of artwork. Function and fashion, together, so your TP can be up and on display instead of collecting dust on the ground.


Ewartwoods is a small business based in Latvia that creates handmade organization and storage solutions that blend into your home decor.

Promising review: “Really simple but effective. Would recommend for small bathrooms in need of storage. Like a piece of art. Thanks again!” —Noelle

Get it from Ewartwoods on Etsy for $56.79+ (available in seven colors).


A foldable tiered jewelry stand if your bathroom also plays the role of dressing room. Give your necklaces a neat and tidy home so they don’t get tangled up or, worse, misplaced after you take them off post-meal and forget where you’ve put them because your food coma set in…


Promising review: “I like the clean look, small footprint, and separate compartments. I keep it on my vanity and can easily access barrettes, earrings, and other small bits. The top (open) tray is good for things you aren’t ready to put away properly yet, and I even use the wooden dowel to hold my wedding ring at night.” —K. Elizabeth

Get it from Amazon for $19.35.


A two-tier vanity stand that receives close to a 5-star rating since you can store anything from perfume, candles, serums, or face towels on. (Plus it features a subtle marble pattern that’ll ~elevate~ your countertops.)


Promising review: “Perfect solution to neaten up my bathroom sink. We have a double sink so I bought two. The cluttered sink now looks very neat and organized. No tools are needed. The sturdy frame is welded so parts to fiddle with, the bases are also sturdy and have a very pretty marble look. They lay right in and you can begin using your new shelf. I highly recommend.” —Chanell

Get it from Amazon for $24.99.


And a geo-printed laundry hamper featuring a foldable design that makes it great for small spaces and easily transportable from room to room. Now you can chuck a buttload of dirty clothes in there instead of having them laying in the corner of your bathroom floor.


Promising review: “It’s simple, pretty, well made, great in a small space. So happy I purchased!” —Julliett

Get it from Anthropologie for $48.

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