Salt Lake Temple renovation: 8 photos that show progress in July

As of this month, the Salt Lake Temple renovation project has been underway for a year and a half.

The latest monthly update includes eight photos and short descriptions depicting various views of the Temple Square renovation and Church Office Building plaza projects in July, according to a news release Friday.

The iconic temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been closed for renovations since December 2019.

Views of the Salt Lake Temple excavation

“The lagging shown in the next photo, used to prevent cave-ins, helps contain all the soil pressure from the surrounding areas as

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Estacada bans lights fireworks ahead of Fourth of July weekend

City councilmembers voted unanimously to ban the use of fireworks in Estacada. They sign up for a rising checklist of metropolitan areas and counties getting that precaution.

ESTACADA, Ore. — As hearth worries proceed to expand, the town of Estacada on Thursday, banned lighting off fireworks inside of city boundaries. They joined quite a few other metropolitan areas and counties getting the preventative evaluate.

In September, men and women in Estacada viewed as the devastating Riverside Fire acquired within just a 50 percent mile of their metropolis. Simply because of that, dry problems and a new report-breaking warmth wave, Estacada

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Fire crews hope people today refrain from lights fireworks this Fourth of July

1 hearth main reported ideal now they are seeing dry problems that they never generally see right up until the end of August.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Fourth of July weekend is here and fire crews across Oregon are standing at the ready, hoping people chorus from capturing off fireworks in this sort of dry problems.

Portland Fire & Rescue alongside with the Portland Parks Bureau and Oregon Section of Forestry just lately place up two signals in the Forest Park area to make confident persons are conscious of the circumstances. They’re coloration-coded signs that exhibit the level of hearth risk.

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